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Since 2013 Croatian School Sports Federation (HŠSS) is successfully implementing project Play, Write, Like (Igram, pišem, lajkam – IPL) for journalists. Student journalists participating in this project report on lower levels of school sport competitions. Their reports are posted on Croatian School Sports Federation official website. Students who write the most popular reports are given the opportunity to report on the finals of the national championship, where they also compete against each other for a prize of the HŠSS. From the beginning of this project 322 IPL journalists have participated, writing over 390 reports on 621 competitions so far.

The main goal of this project is promoting school sport, school sport competitions and increasing the number of students in school sport, as well as educating them in journalism through sport.

Volunteering + School Sport = A+

In 2017 Croatian School Sports Federation (HŠSS) has participated in ERASMUS+ project Volunteering in School Sport. 24 students, 6 coaches from 6 European countries (Hungary, France, Turkey, Latvia, Malta and Croatia) were a part of it. The main goal of the project is to include young students (15-17) in school sport. Because of the positive experience the project provided, Croatian School Sports Federation created a project Volunteering + School Sport = A+ with the intention of including high school students in school sport activities as volunteers. HŠSS raises the bar in positive uprising of children and young people, providing them with the opportunity to be an active member of the community, which is the idea behind the concept of lifelong learning.

The main goal is to highlight the importance of student volunteering, inclusion of students (who are not athletes) in sport, developing leadership and organisational skills, as well as educating through sport. The most important thing is that they try to make it fun and positive.

Our volunteers are trained during national championships, where we try to strengthen the understanding of the relationship between volunteering and socio-emotional development of children and young people in specific age. The emphasis is on acquiring new skills, importance of communication and creativity in making life more active, thereby raising its quality. Developing additional skills and knowledge about volunteering will make children feel more confident. Exchanging experiences between peers will combine multidisciplinary knowledge and skills (school sport, volunteering and education).

‘I am more than happy to be a part of this project because it brings together school sport, young people, ambitious people and of course, volunteering. I am grateful for this opportunity because here I can learn a lot by having fun and I can meet people from around the world’ – Anamarija Radošević

Petra Ivančić

Pilot Project – Medics in School Sports

Within ISF’s World School Championship Volleyball U15, Croatian School Sports Federation connects students of nursing schools and school sports. The main goal of this pilot project is to develop a higher level of the medical education through health education and educational workshops that will hopefully contribute to the further development of the school sport system.

This project will help promote school sport among students who are not athletes, which is one of the goals of the Croatian School Sports Federation.

First day of the competition was successful in making sports available to anyone. One of the competitors had difficulty breathing and she was provided medical assistance. The competitor has asthma, but she forgot her inhaler in her room. This event only proves that chronic diseases and other medical conditions (like asthma) are not an obstacle in doing sports, however they require a different, more attentive approach. Taking your medications on time and as prescribed, as well as making sure you can get them easily is very important for people with serious medical conditions. It is especially important for their safety on sports courts during greater physical activity. That is why today’s intervention is a perfect example that sport is available to anyone, but with proper and responsible behaviour.

Marita Čatić i Petra Ivančić

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