On Sunday, March 31st girls’ team from Elementary school Tin Ujević from Osijek played their first game of the World School Championship in Volleyball U15, organised by ISF. They played against Chilean team, while their parents were on the grandstand proudly cheering them on.

‘Persistence is as important in sport as result. Without persistence there is no result, because result is the outcome of your persistence. Of course, each parent thinks their child is the best and that they should win, but we need to teach our children that loosing is a part of sport too and it is not a reason to quit. It should encourage you to do better and be successful in spite of losing.

We do not want them to quit and that is why we attend their games – to encourage and support them. We have found that motivation plays a huge role in success and it should largely come from us. That is why parents’ support is very important in sport. Encourage your children, attend their games, be their player more and cheer them on even when they are losing!’

Girls from Slavonia become obstinate and beat Chilean girls with cheers of the most known Croatian fan songs.

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